Friday, August 24, 2012

Recent Fun with the Kids

We've had a lot of little events mixed in with the visit from Jacob's godparents, Sarah and Prior. More about them in another post. Here's a couple of snapshots of things that we did:

1. Going bowling--for some reason we only have pictures of Jacob and me when we went bowling. I'm afraid my moment of glory looks more like I am someone who is about to evolve into a homo sapien.

Jacob loves the ramp

Really, I can stand upright! I swear it's true!!

2. Opening mail--sounds boring, right? Except when you get packages from Granny and from Lucy's godparents! Granny sent us a wonderful Connect 4 game (which Jacob misses from school) and the godparents sent Lucy a cookie baking play set. Both have been used extensively in the past two days. We also received a bunch of other stuff in both packages.

Ready for fun, thanks Brian and Teresa!

3. Playground near the airport--after dropping off Sarah and Prior at the airport, Jacob asked to go back to the playground we went to after dropping off Emily. On our return visit we found a new piece of equipment and a new tea shop. The kids loved the spinner, though Jacob wanted it to go much faster than Lucy did.

Jacob pulls it to go faster

What's wrong with 3000 rpm?

3000 rpm makes Lucy unhappy

Lucy did get off and let Jacob go much faster. A good time was had by all.

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