Monday, August 6, 2012

Valley Gardens--Pool and Snacks

The children finally convinced us to take them and their swim suits to Valley Gardens to enjoy the little wading/paddling pool they have by the playground. A new building had been under construction for some time there. We were delighted to discover it finished with both snacks and bathrooms!

Even though the water was a little cold, that didn't chill the children's spirits. They loved splashing in the water.

Wait, I'm not ready yet for a picture!

Lucy and Jacob splash around

Jacob and Autumn have fun while Lucy and a stranger torment one another

We admired the snack shop though we didn't buy anything. I was surprised that Lucy did not demand ice cream. And Jacob did not demand to use the potty. I guess the excitement of the pool was enough to satisfy them completely.

Valley Gardens' newest snack bar

We also showed cousin Autumn the Jubilee wooden chair, which everyone took turns sitting in.

Lucy insisted on going first

Autumn takes a turn

It was a fun discovery. As long as the summer stays warm, we will come again to enjoy the water and hopefully to sample the snacks available.

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