Saturday, August 18, 2012

Swinsty Reservoir

Recently, we visited the Swinsty Reservoir for a dinner time picnic. Being the middle of the summer in England, dinner time was broad daylight. We had warm sunshine and mostly clear skies to brighten our visit.

Our first view of the reservoir

We not only saw water and greenery, we saw water fowl as well. Think of it as "duck, duck, goose" in a literal sense!

Duck on the waters

Geese going down the waterway

Jacob led us on further. No benches or chairs or picnic areas were visible anywhere.

Jacob was our point man

Turns out, our parking lot was the farthest from the picnic area. We didn't know that, but we will plan better next time. After we walked in a ways, we gave up and had our dinner on a grassy patch.

Can you find me in the picture?

View from our picnic area

On the way back, we saw this collapsed tree with a bunch of cows around it. It seemed meaningful somehow.

Fallen tree=failure to find picnic area; cows=our hamburgers

It was a fun visit and we will definitely go back again when we can walk further, or park at a better spot for eating.

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