Sunday, August 26, 2012

St. Wilfrid's in Harrogate

St. Wilfrid's Church in Harrogate at first seems like another Gothic-era church like those found all over England. Upon closer inspection, it is obviously a Gothic-style Victorian-era church. The town had its big boom in the Victorian period, when doctors recommended the water from the local wells for their therapeutic powers. The town became a spa town where the well to do came for their health, a sort of Bath of the North. The church is quite eye-pleasing, though getting good exterior shots were hard with the children running around.

Crucifixion scene in Gothic arch

Exterior, south transept

Child running around

Inside is quite serene. A nice choir screen separates the nave from the main altar, with an impressive crucifix above.

Choir screen

Screen top

Stained glass behind the crucifix

The main altar is simple yet elegant with modest choir stalls around the area.

Main altar

The cleaning crew was there while we visited, so Jacob asked if he could go up to the pulpit. The people were very friendly and agreeable, so up he went.

Pulpit with Jacob

The baptismal font is more recent in construction and style. I personally could do without the dove up high, but everyone has their own tastes.

Baptismal Font

The church also has a Lady Chapel as befits a Gothic-styled church.

Lady Chapel

Detail of the reredos above the altar

An eye-opening statue!

Other interesting art is scattered about the church. Here are some samples.

That's where we are!

From a distance, I thought this was some sort of Station of the Cross

Who was St. Wilfrid?

Don't you remember from last month?

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  1. These are lovely photos. The structure has great architectural base and appealing designs.