Thursday, August 23, 2012

RHS Garden Harlow Carr

We recently visited the northernmost garden in the Royal Horticultural Society's care, RHS Garden Harlow Carr. It was an overcast Sunday morning. The weather was pleasantly cool for a mid-August day though rain was constantly threatening. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the visit.

We saw myriads of flowers and plants, more than I could describe. A picture is worth a thousand words, so let me beef up my writing with photos!

Garden paths

Pretty purple ones

This bunch hummed with the drone of bees

My favorite blue

Monarda, according to the sign

A variety of sweet pea plants

Limestone garden

In the middle of the garden is the Old Bath House, now used for art exhibits. Nearby is a tea house. For the Sundays in August, bands also have been playing in the garden. We enjoyed listening to the Knaresborough Silver Band.

Knaresborough Silver Band

The children were delighted to discover the first play area, which had nice though standard outdoor play equipment.

Children's Play Area!

Jacob climbs

Jacob enjoys the view

Not much further on, we discovered a giant log maze which was fun for all of us to explore.

Log Maze at Harlow Carr

Lucy dashes to the top

Jacob finds the central tower as well!

View from the Log Maze tower

Surrounding the log maze were various giant-sized games, including Jenga blocks, Connect 4, draughts (or checkers as we say in America), and even Snakes and Ladders.

Jacob and Lucy try out life-sized Snakes and Ladders, where YOU are the game piece

Signs nearby pointed to the Tree House which was much more than just a house hanging high. It had a rope bridge!

Best treehouse ever!

Lucy races to home

Jacob looks out the top of the house

Around the house was an obstacle course that delighted Jacob and Lucy just as much as the house did.

Lucy gets a little help from Prior

Jacob proudly ducks the branch

Soon enough, the threatening weather made good on its threat. Rain began dropping on us. We left our umbrellas and raincoats in the car, so we decided to head back. On the way, Lucy said goodbye.

Farewell, fare plants!

We barely saw a quarter of the gardens so we will definitely be back for the Winter Walk and the Logness Monster and the Doric Columns and the many fine activities and events held there.

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  1. That park is incredible. It looks like so much fun!