Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Art Projects from School

Jacob and Lucy have been bringing home some interesting works from school. First up is Lucy's "Dinosaur." It's a mixed media piece--colored paper and white paper glued on a white paper background with one shell from an egg carton.

Dinosaur by Lucy, 2012

The most amazing part is the signature in the top corner. Here it is blown up for you.

Delightfully legible, eh?

Jacob painted a garden. I guess a river runs through it.

Garden by Jacob, 2012

He also signed the side of his picture. Not as easily legible as Lucy, but still quite delightful to us parents.

You may have to click through to see it better

Lucy later did another work. She calls this "Tree" though some imagination is needed to pull the image into a whole. Clearly the colors are inspired by the falling leaves of Autumn we are experiencing right now.

Unsigned "Tree" by Lucy

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