Monday, October 8, 2012

Jacob the Five Year Old

For Jacob's fifth birthday, we had a party at the house with a bunch of our favorite people here in England. The party included fun play in the back garden, food, cake, and presents.

Outside, the children played on our swing set. They tossed balls around. They jumped on the trampoline. They basked in the glorious sunshine that is such a treat here in northern England (especially as the days grow darker throughout October).

My wife had the fabulous idea of hiding clothes pins around the back garden while the children hid their eyes. All the adults took four pins each and hid them. The children then searched all over. Some spots that we thought were pretty obvious turned out to be more challenging since the wooden clothespins blended in with the woodwork. After they finished, we swapped roles and the children hid the clothespins while the adults hid their eyes. It was even more challenging the second time!

Then we came inside for food and cake. We had the traditional candles on the not so traditional robot cake.

Lit Cake

Blown out cake

He also unwrapped presents from the guests, including lots of great gifts.

Still haven't mastered bowstring technology

Connect 4!!

Opening another great present--a book!

Trying to guess before all the paper was off

After another round of outdoor sunshine, we bid our guests farewell as Jacob and Lucy headed off for naps. A great time was had by all.

"Even I had a good time!"

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