Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jacob Loses a Tooth

Jacob's loose tooth had finally fallen out! After a couple of days of nervous anticipation, his tooth came free just before we went to a friend's house for dinner.

Not quite excited yet about losing the tooth

In Mommy's hand

Jacob had been very nervous about the tooth coming out, probably because his teacher at the last school had a problem with one of her teeth and she couldn't talk for a while. Jacob feared the same fate for himself. After it came out, he said that it hurt and he didn't want to eat dinner. We convinced him that it would feel better with a cold drink and maybe a little medicine. After ten minutes of talking about it, he became distracted and didn't feel the pain any more (he never took a drink or any medicine). By the time we made it to dinner, he was ready to brag about the missing tooth and to show off the hole in his mouth.

At bed time he put the tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy. He was hoping the fairy would come and give him a new tooth to replace the old one. We eventually convinced him that was not her job. The family who invited us to dinner had a book about the tooth fairy where a boy loses a tooth and his jealous sister paints a corn kernel white so she can get a treat as well. They are both whisked off by the tooth fairy to tooth-fairy land to see the fate of lost teeth. The forgery is discovered by the tooth-cleaning robots in the land. The children almost get tossed in jail but escape in the nick of time. Jacob liked the book because it had robots in it. He showed that part to Mommy before we sat down to eat.

After he fell asleep, my wife slipped a pound coin under his pillow. Kids in England have it pretty good. When I was a kid, the best we ever got was a quarter. Too bad we don't have any American money left! I hope he spends it on something good. Probably he'll spend it on something robotic.

When that tooth first came seems like ages can it be less than five years?

First tooth in, first tooth out!

Close up to show the tooth

At least Lucy has shown no signs of jealousy. She can wait for her tooth to come out naturally, just like Jacob.

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