Saturday, October 20, 2012

Going to Prague

This post begins our recent adventures visiting Prague in the Czech Republic and Budapest in Hungary (which are not as close together as you might imagine). Our flight out of England was okay except for the two hour delay at the departing airport. At first, we went out from the terminal to a bus that would take us to the plane. After packing us in like sardines, they took us off the bus. Back in the terminal, they said there was a technical problem with the plane and they would make an announcement in fifteen minutes. Twenty minutes later they announced that they would make an announcement in half an hour. Forty-five minutes later they said there would be an announcement in half an hour. By this point, we decided to have dinner at the airport. Finally they had a new plane assigned for our flight. Things went smoothly from there. Luckily the hotel was picking us up and was tracking our flight info, so the driver didn't have to wait two hours in Prague for us to show up.

Our hotel in Prague was pretty and comfortable. The building is called Residence Karolina and looks quite picturesque.

Not a hotel, apartments!

We were on the first floor (which is the second floor in the United States) and the stairs were beautiful.

Way down

The roof of the stairs, visible from the second/third floor

Art and practicality

We had a one bedroom apartment with a pullout couch in the dining room/kitchen. It was comfortable enough and had plenty of space for the kids to run around. The rental company even gave us a yo-yo which Jacob had a lot of fun with. The yo-yo came with a little blurb on how taking a picture with it in Prague would get us into a drawing for a free three night stay, but we always forgot to bring it out on our journeys.

Jacob and yo-yo

Our living room

The cousins would come down to visit and play with us.

Lucy shares a toy with her cousins

Ready to share some more!

Good hugs

We loved having a full kitchen, which meant we weren't in restaurants for every meal. We had a nice balance of eating out, eating in by ourselves, and sharing meals with the cousins. More on the restaurants in a later post!

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