Friday, October 26, 2012

Prague Food

While we were in Prague for several days, we ate food. I guess that goes without saying, but we tried some of the local cuisine. Here's what we found.

On our first day, we went to a local pastry shop for local pastries. They were quite delicious, including a delightful chocolate-filled donut cake, a fairly average apple bread, and two cinnamon bear claws for the kids. The chocolate was the winner, though the bear claws were very nice.

Chocolate donut cake, apple cake, two cinnamon bear claws

Later, we bought some goodies for lunch, including some local chips. The Super Hearts chips were a bit like a breakfast cereal but salty. We should have guessed from the mounds of salt on the cover of the bag. We also bought some black tea, since the hotels never have enough tea bags for us. We tried a chocolate treat--two thin butter cookies with a layer of chocolate in the middle. They were very tasty.

Tea, chips and chocolate!

That night, we went to a local restaurant (Restaurant R. M. Rilke, favorite haunt of the author) to try out the local cuisine. The goulash was so good, we didn't even take a picture of it. The dish is a spicy beef in a dark sauce and served with some dumplings on the side. Presumably the dumplings help to take down some of the spiciness. It was great. We had a mushroom omelet that was very tasty. Here are some pictures of the restaurant at least.

Walking in through the bar

Exterior, the next day

The next morning we stopped for a mid-morning treat at a small coffee shop. The chocolate muffin was delightful, as was the fruit pastry. Lucy had hot chocolate along with her chocolate muffin, leading to chocolate coma.

Chocolate muffin and fruit pastry

Lucy in chocolate coma

Later at the Old Market Square, my wife discovered the Czech treat she had read about. Dough is wrapped around wooden sticks and slowly roasted over a charcoal fire. The cooks put on some sugar/walnut mixture. It's called Trdelnik (good luck pronouncing that) and is a nice treat on a cold day.

Cooking Trdelnik

On our final morning in Prague, we had yet another coffee shop snack. This time Lucy had a chocolaty treat called tartuffi. Jacob went with a traditional brownie (though he was unhappily surprised by the chocolate sauce drizzled on it). I had an apple strudel and some tea.

What's this coconut on my chocolate!

Happy brownie eater

Apple strudel with tea

That day we got on the train to Budapest, hoping for some new cuisine adventures. You will hear about it soon!

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