Monday, March 18, 2013

Our Paris Hotel

For our recent Paris trip, we stayed in what was probably the most eclectic apartment we have experienced. It's called Paris Circus and follows the circus theme quite a bit, with life-size stuffed animals on the walls and a gaudy color scheme. Our children's favorite part of the place was the truck in the main room, one of these small vehicles for hauling cargo through narrow downtown streets. The headlights still worked and the kids could get into the cab, which they did on a regular basis.

Looking for the light switch

Rough morning commute

They even watched Cars 2 on our iPad in there!

The bed of the truck is the dining table, which we used for meals and for playing games at night.

Less fun than the truck but still a blast was downstairs. A disco ball, colored lights, and black lights made a fun dancing atmosphere. Again, the iPad was an invaluable resource, providing music for dancing.

Getting their groove on!

L, dancing or surrendering?

The toilet has a zebra head on the wall, which was cute but a little disturbing. He's always watching whatever you do! The separate room with the sink and shower had a bunch of old video game characters (like the ghosts from Pac-Man) decorating the walls. The towels were kept in old post boxes that were painted yellow.

We had a great time. The children's only complaint was the lack of a pool, but our next trip will fix that complaint (we're going to Crete!).

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