Monday, March 11, 2013

Palais de Justice, Paris

As we visited Sainte-Chapelle, we saw some of the Palais de Justice. Situated on the Ile de la Cite (which is an island in the Seine and in the middle of Paris), the site was originally occupied by the Romans. It was the royal palace up until Charles V moved the royal court in the late 1300s to the Hotel St-Paul. It still had governmental functions throughout the years. During the French Revolution, the Revolutionary Tribunal dispensed their version of justice from there. Now it is the site of the French legal courts. We only saw the outsides of buildings.

The Justice League!

The nearby metro stop looked very fancy, though a few other stops are also done in that "metropolitain" style.

Metro station with map!

J enjoyed running around the plaza in front of the Palace, even if he did not enjoy posing for a picture.

J goes his own way

Running from justice?

L decided not to walk, so we found a mutually agreeable solution.

Leaving justice behind

Nearby hotel dedicated to the French Revolutionary ideals

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