Saturday, March 9, 2013

RHS Harlow Carr Garden in the Almost Spring

We had a bit of not so cold and damp weather here in Yorkshire and decided to take advantage by visiting our old favorite, RHS Garden Harlow Carr. The vegetation is just starting to show (we went at the beginning of March).  Some early bloomers include this Rhododendron praevernum.

Rhododendron in early March

Primula vulgaris is a yellow blooming flower that was found among the Galanthus nivalis, or snowbells.

Primula vulgaris

Primula with snowbells

No visit would be complete without visits to the kid-friendly parts of the gardens. We are sad to report that the outdoor musical instruments are gone. J was quite upset. Luckily, we still had the playground and the tree house (with its obstacle course) to visit, so his mood improved quite a bit.

J jumps off the climber

J on a roll

The now required picture of J looking out the top of the tree house

On our way out we saw a silly sight. Apparently, if you are desperate enough, you'll brew tea with any old leaves you can find.

We keep adding water, but the tea never brews!

We also bought some seeds and some potting soil to start growing some plants at home. They will be sure to show up soon enough on the blog if they grow anywhere near half-decently.

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