Thursday, March 28, 2013

RHS Harlow Carr Gardens in Lent

On a recent Sunday the weather seemed bright enough to go to the gardens after Mass, so we went to our old standby, RHS Harlow Carr. They had some seasonally colored flowers and an orchid show on in one of the buildings.

We are still amazed by all the hearty flowers that can survive in this Yorkshire "springtime" which includes plenty of snowy days. The flowers are perfect for Lent since they are mostly purple, just like the liturgical vestments the priest wore at Mass earlier in the day!

Field of purple

Ericaceae (known as heather or heath!)

Some white flowers anticipating Easter

In the Bramall Learning Centre and Library was an exhibit of orchids. The organizers looked like they were gearing up for a lecture so we only stayed briefly to admire the sights and smells.

Epidendrum stanfordianum and friend

Beallara Tahoma (white on top) and unidentified (below)

Lots of orchids

We managed to see some wildlife while we were at the garden, including some real ducks and some unreal rabbits (or possibly hares).

If a duck crosses your path, does it mean anything?

At first I thought these were deer, but clearly those are ears, not antlers!

No trip would be complete without a visit to the playground and the tree house. I took the obligatory tree house shot.

Would anyone notice if I kept using the same photo?!?

We had a fun visit to the gardens, even if we did have to wear winter jackets and gloves. Come on, Spring, we are waiting for you!

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