Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Random Bits of Paris

There are always spots that look like they're good for a photo but not for a whole blog post. Here's some of those random bits of Paris.

Near our hotel was the most unadorned (at least externally, we didn't go inside) church in Paris. St. Genevieve in Montmartre is a simple stone church, striking in its simplicity.

St. Genevieve, Paris

In the middle of town, as I walked off from my family to go see the Louvre, I walked by an amazing 14th century clock tower next to the Palace of Justice/Sainte-Chappel complex. The tower is called the Tour de l'Horloge, and was the first public clock in Paris, sculpted by Germain Pilon.

Tour de l'Horloge

Clock close up

Around the corner from the clock tower is the Conciergerie, the palace of the keeper of the King's mansion. It also dates back to the late 1300s, though during the Revolution it was used as a jail and Marie-Antoinette was held there. It's now part museum, part law courts.


As I was crossing the river here I took a picture in the wrong direction and instead of photographing the famous Pont Neuf I immortalized the Pont Notre-Dame.

Pont Notre-Dame over the Seine River

Across the Seine was a tall column with a golden statue on top. It has refused identification in all my guide books.

Reward for reliable identification of Column Jean Doe

Speaking of Notre Dame, across the river from the church is Shakespeare and Company, a bookshop that has mostly English books and has been there forever. I somehow resisted the urge to go inside.

Shakespeare and Company, booksellers

Up the street is the Metro St.Michel, which has a large outdoor fountain dedicated to Saint Michael the Archangel. The bronze statue in the center is by Duret, but the fountain was by Davioud. The fountain was off, so J did not want a picture with it.

Place St-Michel

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