Monday, March 25, 2013

Parisian Playground by Our Hotel

One of the playgrounds we visited toward the end of our Paris trip is near our hotel. The weather was a bit chilly but that did not stop the children from trying out the equipment at Square Marcel-Sembat.

There were plenty of ways to climb up.

L at the top of the mountain climb

The fruit climb

J goes up the uneven ladder

Coming down had more limited options. Most of the slides were dewy or icy. L found a fun way to go.

Stuck at the top

L and Mommy execute an escape!

They also had an interesting turtle for kids from 2 to 12. He was a bit damp too, so the kids did not ride on him.

The big-footed turtle

Across the street was an interesting building, at least interesting to me.

Interesting building by the Square Marcel-Sembat

More interesting was the man who approached us in the park. He tried to strike up a conversation. His English was much better than our French, which is not much of an accomplishment. His grasp of geography was pretty limited. When we said we were from America, he asked, "What state?" I said, "Maryland." He didn't understand and asked again. After about four attempts to tell him "Maryland," I finally tried "Virginia." He recognized that right away. He did know his local geography, though. He said if we were going to go for a walk, we should go that way (pointing south), not the other way. That way is Paris, the other way is not-Paris. The kids were getting cold so we broke off the conversation and headed off for a snack.

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