Thursday, June 11, 2015

Airborne and Special Operations Museum, Fayetteville, NC--Part II

Continuing our exploration of the Airborne and Special Operations Museum...

The permanent exhibits go through the history of the airborne units from World War II to the present. They show off the gear and even have a mocked up French street for visitors to walk down.

An early display

WWII map of airborne operations (click to enlarge)

War bonds guy

Iron Mike lookalike

L on the French street

J takes cover

Displays show various uniforms, equipment, and weapons they used.


Weapons and gear

A well-armed soldier

The CG-4A Waco Glider saw a lot of action in World War II, delivering soldiers, supplies, and even vehicles!

CG-4A glider with jeep

More of the glider

Not everything came by gliders, of course. This 105 mm howitzer is bundled up for a parachute drop. The platform includes special materials that will crush on landing, softening the impact.

Parachute-able howitzer

The UH-1 or Huey helicopter was developed in the early 1960s and was a standard transport for the airborne troops in Vietnam.


Another display shows various standard rifles, including an M79 grenade launcher, am M16 rifle, and an M60 machine gun.

Vietnam-era rifles

Black Tiger insignia from Vietnam on a helmet

Tanks and other defenses from the 1990s are also on display.

Tank from early 1990s

Weaponized jeep

Scouting intel

Spider hole

We enjoyed visiting the museum!

Daddy and N the airborne ranger

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