Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dice Masters: Trinity War Storyline Event 1

J and I competed in our first game competition, the DC Dicemasters Trinity War Storyline Organized Play Event 1 at our local game story, The Family Game Store. We were a little nervous going in since we had never competed before AND we have only been playing Dice Masters for two months or so AND we have never played with the DC characters (being Marvel fans). Even with our lack of experience, we had a great time at the event.

Only four people came to the event, so J and I were half the players! The other two guys were friendly and we got along well.

The first part of the event is what they call a "Rainbow Draft." Each player opens six booster packs (which have two dice and two matching character cards), puts the dice in the middle (where the rainbow comes in, since the colorful dice are arranged by character) and the cards face down in front of them. Each player takes their deck of twelve cards, chooses one to keep, and passes the remaining eleven to the left. Each player takes the deck that comes to them from the right and chooses one card to keep, passing the remaining ten cards to the left. This "take and pass" keeps going until all the cards are chosen. Then the players open a second set of six booster packs and the process repeats itself, except that the cards are passed to the right rather than the left. At the end of the draft, each player has 24 cards and takes the dice that correspond to the cards. So J and I came away with a combined 48 cards and 48 dice just from the draft.

Our haul of cards (bag of dice at top)

Naturally there are some duplicates, but that's okay since it means the player has more than one die for each character. For example, I had two different Robin cards meaning I took two Robin dice from the middle and was able to field two dice when I played.

Then we had to play against each other. J and I were assigned as opponents for the first round. We each chose eight characters for playing and two action cards that we brought with us. In our first game, J won quite handily. He went on to play against the winner of the other game, while I faced the loser of the other game.

J fought valiantly but was soon defeated. The two losers took a long time to resolve their game, so J played a second game for fun. My opponent had Superman, who I couldn't knock out once he got in the field. By the time I fielded a Black Canary that could knock out Superman for free on a lucky roll, I was down to seven life. In his next turn, he fielded Superman again and had Martian Manhunter. I had only one blocker, so I would take seven damage either way, which meant I lost again!

In the third round, the computer matched me against J. This time I barely squeaked out a win against J's team. Overall, I came in third out of four. J came in second! I was very proud of him. As prizes, we received a special action card (Pandora's Box) for participating and the first three places received a special Superman Trinity War card (but no die). We also received some booster packs for second and third place. I received a special award for bringing my son--an additional booster pack. So now we have six extra packs to open at home.


After things were over, the first place winner asked if we'd trade our rare Aquaman for some cards and dice. J readily agreed and the guy gave us a bunch of cards and dice in exchange (I think they were all duplicates for him!). He was very generous.

I'm not sure that we are converted to DC fans, but we had a ton of fun playing in the contest and are looking forward to Event 2 in July!

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