Tuesday, June 16, 2015

J's BSA Report--Raingutter Regatta 2015

June is a slow month for Scouting. Our den meeting was canceled, leaving the Raingutter Regatta as the only official pack event for June. They moved it up a week too, so J and I were caught short and rushed to paint and prepare his boat. We set to work in our basement workshop, crafting a thing of beauty that is a joy forever.

Basement workshop

Final product after two days of work

The meeting was held outside. We arrived and the cubs were already doing practice runs in the rain gutters. J soon joined in, then joined in the game of tag happening on the other side of the parking lot.

Practice runs in the raingutter

J blows his best

Soon enough, the assistant cubmaster called everyone back for the official race.

Announcing the rules

The oldest boys started first. Races were head-to-head with two runs. After the first run, the competitors switched gutters and raced a second time. One of the gutters did seem a little faster for some unknown reason, but most match ups had the same results anyway. When J's turn came, he was paired with his best friend and fellow Wolf Cub C.

Two competitors face off

C won, meaning he had to go on to race other boys. J was happy to go back to playing tag. His friend wound up in second place overall, quite the accomplishment for a first-year scout!

Various awards

Other awards were given out for all sorts of categories--most colorful, best Scout spirit, most like a real yacht, most creative, and best effort.

Some of the competing yachts

Participation patch and Scouting for Food patch

At the meeting, we also received out t-shirts for the annual day camp at the end of the month, which will get its own post, or possibly several posts.

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