Friday, June 19, 2015

End of School Year 2015

L's Kindergarten class (which includes five different sections of 15 to 20 children!) had an end of year musical extravaganza, to which parents were invited. We happily attended and saw L and her classmates performing with gusto.

L's class, assigned the color green to wear

The program alternated between group songs for all five sections and songs for each individual section. The most popular song with the children was "The Rules Rap," which they performed in true rapper style--wearing sunglasses.



In case you are wondering what the song is like, here is the original version:

L's classmates sang "Shake Your Shapes," a fun ditty about various shapes and how they could be shaken. The show ended with a slide show of photos from the year. L appeared several times! Then they had a farewell song.

The big finale

After the final song, we joined the children for a picnic lunch out back of the school. We ate fairly quickly, which meant there was plenty of time to play on the playground equipment. L showed me many of her skills here. And she said goodbye!

J's class also had a farewell program. They hosted an "Author's Celebration" where all the students read various things they wrote over the year. Each child did three readings. J read from his Feelings Book, his All About Light, and his poem I Am.

Reading with and about feelings

His All About Light was a masterful work that described the difference between natural light and man-made light (which made my philosopher's heart proud) and about the importance of turning off lights when leaving a room.

J reads All About Light

His final work was an assignment everyone had done, so each member read their self-description poem I Am. J said he loves playing chess and hopes he becomes very good, among other things he told us.

I Am reading

After readings, we had a break, allowing us to mingle with our children. J chatted very briefly with us then started playing with his friends.

Too cool for parents?

We saw another project he worked on--inventing a sound machine. He made step-by-step instructions and a finished product.

Sound machine

The class had one last picture together, then another last picture with their teacher!

First graders, unsupervised

More supervision and more children

Now it's time for summer adventures to start!

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