Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Seven Continents Book Challenge

Julie at Happy Catholic is how I read about this internet meme that I am actually interested in (especially with the British spellings)!

1. What is your favourite book set in Europe? Who is your favourite European author?
The Brothers Karamazov 
J.R.R. Tolkien

2. What is your favourite book set in North America? Who is your favourite North American author?
Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury

3. What is your favourite book set in South America? Who is your favourite South American author?
Starship Troopers starts in Brazil, right?
I really liked the Pablo Naruda character in the Italian film Il Postino He was a real author. He was a communist, which I have no sympathy for, but that doesn't make him a bad poet. His poetry is in a foreign language, so I probably won't ever read anything by him. So this answer probably doesn't count, but I can't think of any other authors from South America.

4. What is your favourite book set in Asia? Who is your favourite Asian author?
Set All Afire by Louis de Wohl is set in Asia mostly.

No authors that I know of.

5. What is your favourite book set in Australasia? Who is your favourite antipodean author?
Graeme Simsion's The Rosie Project starts there, doesn't it? He's also a New Zealander, so he does double duty! 

6. Have you ever read, or do you know of, any books written by authors in Antarctica/ the Arctic?
Who Goes There? by John Campbell is an awesome story set in the Arctic and was the basis for the two movie versions of The Thing, both of which are excellent films.
Brother Guy Consolmagno lived in the Antartica for a while and I've read a book by him that partially covers his time there, though I don't think he wrote it while he was there.

7. Who are your favourite African authors and books set in Africa?
King Solomon's Mines by H. Rider Haggard
St. Augustine was born in Africa, right?

This challenge makes me realize that I don't really pay attention to who wrote a book unless it is an outstanding book. Even then, I only try to remember the author's name, I don't read up on the person's history. Except for writing this post!


  1. I can't believe I missed using The Rosie Project ... and the Brother Guy /Antarctica connection. I'm going to change my list!

  2. My first draft of this had nothing for Australia/etc. except the comment that I just found out P. L. Travers is from there, though I haven't read any Mary Poppins books. Then on the rewrite I remembered The Rosie Project!

    1. I'm in your debt! And I'd also forgotten that P.L. Travers is from there. And I LOVE the Mary Poppins books, as you know. :-)