Tuesday, June 23, 2015

L's Birthday 2015

L's birthday has come and gone. We had two big celebrations and are anticipating a third this weekend at Grandmama's house.

The first celebration was at a craft store, where L and some friends engaged in decoupage. It's the art of decorating an object by gluing stuff onto it. In this case, the object was a small wooden box. But before that, they decorated a Happy Birthday Banner.

L colors in

Still filling in stuff

A sample from the decoupage

While decorating the boxes was fun, the star of the decorating activities was frosting and personalizing birthday cupcakes.

Starting with a base layer of frosting

Carefully adding decorations

Carefully licking the knife

Singing and blowing out the candle

Best part of all--eating

Art enjoyed for its own sake

At the end, some nice and silly group photos were taken.

Nice smiles

A little bit scary

A whole lot silly

The next day we had a family party at home with some of the leftover cupcakes.

There's that candle again

N was interested in having a bottle to celebrate, but he's not ready for what he tried to get.

N tries to take his Uncle's beer

N realizes the error of his ways

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