Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Catonsville Clash 2015

We went to a second chess competition, this time much closer to home. It was the Catonsville Clash just outside Baltimore and sponsored by Silver Knights. We had a little problem parking--the school hosting the tournament had a small, full parking lot by ten minutes before the start. We found some street parking and headed in.

Catonsville Clash 2015

My son was excited to see that he was put in the intermediate level. He was paired with a boy rated 661, 195 points higher than my son. The game was unfortunately quick and a loss for my son. He took it in stride.

The first game

The second pairing was against an unranked opponent (we couldn't figure out why he was in the intermediate group). The game was a quick victory and a ego boost for my son.

Second game--a somber beginning, a happy ending!

We had a snack in the break room. I'd brought some stuff but tried the snack bar. We got a cookie for two dollars and a cupcake for four. Yikes, I hope the vendor is going to a great university (or that I can get the vendor contract for the next competition)!

The break room/gym

Game three was another overrated opponent  (640s) and another loss. It was a tough game and a hard time for my son.

Game three

The final game was someone closer to my son's level but was still a hard fight. My son came back sad but not crying like many other competitors that day.

Getting ready for the final match

He was quiet in the car coming home and went to his room for a while. Then the toddler and I joined him. The toddler took to resorting the Legos from one big bowl to another while my son started reading a book to me, which cheered him up immensely (especially when the toddler tried to climb the bunk bed to listen!). So the day ended on a happy note.

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