Friday, December 4, 2015

Cute Kid Pix November 2015

Here's some pictures of the kids from November 2015 that didn't make their own blog post...

The toddler has been very interested in my phone. But let's be honest, he's interested in anything with a glowing screen. Happily, I have an old phone (the one I used in England that doesn't work here) that has satisfied him for the time being.

Whatcha got there, Daddy?

Can I try it?


The older kids built a fort in the back yard with some help from a favorite neighbor. It's big enough to fit them in, but when I tried to get in, I had to back out carefully to avoid taking the whole thing down over my head Sampson-style.

Back yard fort

Close up

We thought about using the fireplace for the first time in the season but the weather never got cold enough. The kids gathered pillows and blankets anyway to sack out by the hearth. They made plenty of funny faces for the camera.

Kids in every direction!

The toddler doesn't know which way is up!

A nice hug for big sister

Not so nice choke-hold for big sister

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