Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ellicott City Station Christmas Train Display 2015

The B&O Ellicott City Station has (or possibly had if you are reading this far into the future--the event runs till January 24, 2016) a Holiday Festival of Trains. We went on the first weekend and had a great time. Opening weekend featured a special guest, old Saint Nick!

B&O Ellicott City Station with halls decked for the Christmas season

Santa also had lollipops!

The caboose and the freight house only had external decorations but we visited them anyway.

Caboose with wreath, mother, and child

Only decoration on the freight house

The main show was in the central building, the Main Depot Building.

The Main Depot Building (with a bit of Main Street on the left)

The telegraph room and the main waiting rooms had several different sizes of trains and layouts.

Thomas zooming along a G-gauge track

O-gauge train in a simple lay out

HO-gauge on a fancy layout

The star of the exhibit is the massive LEGO model train set up the Washington DC Metropolitan Area LEGO Train Club. The display has multiple tracks with buttons on the outside for visitors to start and stop the trains. Some of the buttons make whistles blow or gates drop. This room was the most popular.

One side of the LEGO layout

View from the righthand corner of above (see the windmill again?)

Another corner shot of the layout

Spooky haunted house

The display includes models of the B&O Ellicott City Station and a bit of Main Street!

The freight house and the main depot

Corner of Maryland Ave and Main Street

The display is well worth the visit!

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