Thursday, December 24, 2015

Library Christmas Storytimes 2015

December story times at the Savage Branch of the Howard County Library are always a fun time because they have two weeks of Christmas celebrities visiting.

The first week Frosty the Snowman came to the library. My toddler and I went to the storytime and enjoyed the songs, stories, and massive crowd. Toward the end, the librarian handed out a craft. My toddler has no fine motor skills (except for putting coins in piggy bank slots) so I gave him a bunch of help.

Snow man craft without any snow!

During the craft, the special guest showed up, to the delight and amazement of all gathered.

Who's there?


We finished up the craft (that means I finished up the craft) and then headed off to a different part of the library for the Frosty photo op.

Where does the nose go?

A finished product

I'd like to tell a charming story of how my toddler was too frightened to sit on Frosty's lap or even stand next to him, but truth be told, he doesn't have the focus for that right now (another problem with doing the craft). I was able to get a picture with both of them in the frame:

Frosty with the "What's going on?" look

Later, in the car my toddler did finish the craft...finish it off, that is!

A fate worse than melting?

The next week was Santa's turn to show up. Unfortunately, there was a scheduling snafu with the North Pole and we only had a Santa craft and not the jolly old elf himself.

Getting supplies

Opening a glue stick--danger ahead!
Results with a little help from dad

The trip home for Santa wasn't nearly as traumatic, mostly because he rode in the front seat of the van.

Safely home (to our home, at least)

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