Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Celebrating Two Years!

The toddler is now a two-year old boy. His first birthday party for his second birthday celebration was at home. Big sister made a cool hat for him to wear.

I'm not so sure it's cool, dad

We had some cousins over which meant more presents to open! Unfortunately, our toddler's skills leave a bit to be desired.

Working on unwrapping

Looking for help

Big brother to the rescue

Fun unwrapping

The dessert plan was cupcakes...decorate your own cupcakes! The birthday boy has fewer cake decorating skills than present opening skills, so he graciously allowed others to decorate his.

Decorating in progress

Some finished products

You can see a monster theme. Mostly that was chosen because eyeballs were on sale at the store. And let's be honest, who can resist a sale on eyeballs? I thought the blackberry noses were a nice touch, as were the fruit roll-up tongues. We had a very creative monster-crafting crew on board. Watch out Doctor Frankenstein!

Our boy has been practicing blowing out candles. He did quite well at this.

Lovely fire, how can I blow you out?

Mission accomplished

After dessert, we went to the basement for a little dance party inspired by Just Dance Kids on the Xbox. It was a big hit.

Mesmerized by the big screen

Dancing craze!

A bit of dance aftermath

We went to visit Grandmama to celebrate along with Uncle Ed, who also has an August birthday.

Birthday boys

Synchronized present opening (coming to the Olympics 2020!)

We did some relaxing and playing before we had dinner. We had more cupcakes after dinner!

Relaxing with big sister

Playing with lots of balls

One big candle

A special joy was finding an extra present to open!

Last gift

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