Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Playmobil Fun Park, Florida

A fun kid-centric attraction in Palm Beach is the Playmobil Fun Park on North Military Trail.

Playmobil Fun Park entrance

Let's get the obvious over with...this place is clearly self-promotion for Playmobil. They have tables upon tables of various sets of toys they sell at the gift shop (through which you have to exit, of course). Even so, it is a fun place to visit, especially if you want to try out new toys before buying. Just be warned, if you have a whiny/demanding kid, you may have to pay more than the $1 per person entrance fee.

Inside the play/shopping area

My toddler gravitated toward letting animals go. One bench had a couple of Noah's Arks and a bin full of animals. My son did not take them out two by two, so that's one more river to cross before he really understands the classic Bible story.

Mostly elephants, giraffes, and zebras

Don't make fun of my important work

He also discovered a farm and a stable yard full of animals in need of liberating.

Barnyard freedom!

Fancy stables

My daughter, after watching Swiss Family Robinson, was fascinated with a table full of small boats. I had to identify kayaks, canoes, and power boats, as well as explain the differences.

Ready for a race

She moved on to the princess display but didn't stay too long.

Playing with a castle

One of the employees came by and tried to get the toddler to join a stage show they were putting on. They had a variety of activities, including keep the ball in the air, the limbo, and the chicken dance. My son didn't have the attention span or the skills for the first two but eventually got into the chicken dance.

Stage show

The two kids teamed up at some of the tables, sorting and replacing toys as they saw fit.

Messing with a helicopter

Trucks table

Filling a cargo container

Some of the oversized toys were hard to resist, especially the throne in the castle and a nearby pirate.

Becoming royalty

Only one can remain on the throne

Pirate and a lass

Pirate and a lad

Some of the "full size" toys were amazing to me, though the most amazing thing was the regular toys that looked like they need a shave.

Showing the German heritage of Playmobil

Amazing carriage


An area is set aside for birthday parties. I imagine this would be a fun but dangerous place to have a pre-schooler birthday party. The biggest danger is that all the presents will be products from the gift shop!

Birthday/celebration table

We did by some Christmas-themed toys since they were having a "Christmas in July" sale with 25% off regular items and an additional 5% off of Christmas items. This may be our earliest Christmas shopping yet!

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