Thursday, August 18, 2016

Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort, Florida

For our quick trip to Disney, we stayed at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. They offer traditional tent camping, RV camping, and small cabins. We opted for a small cabin since we visited in late July (average daytime temperature--cook eggs on pavement) and don't have an RV.

Our cabin, which looked like every other cabin in those woods

The cabins are blessed with air conditioning and, even more popular with our children, cable television. Of course, it is Disney cable TV, so 90% of the stations were Disney themed. Some stations were about the different parks or resorts, some showed classic cartoons, some showed contemporary cartoons (we watched the Phineas and Ferb channel consistently--maybe they broadcast other shows, but all we saw was PaF), some showed live actions shows, some showed movies. A handful were local broadcast stations.

Watching the 'toons in the front half of the living area

The cabins have a kitchen and table which lets visitors cook and eat meals right there. We made some pasta standards (tortellini one night; spaghetti the other) and had cereal breakfasts. The kitchen includes a coffee maker with complimentary coffee. We had to buy tea at the local trading post since we forgot to bring ours (we also had to buy milk for the toddler--a half a gallon at full gallon price!). A grill is outside the cabin but we didn't use it. We cooked our eggs on the pavement.

Kitchen portion of the living area

The back room is the bed room and has a bunk bed and a queen-size bed. The grandparents stayed with our older son and daughter in there.

The bedroom

We parents slept on the pull-out couch, which was surprisingly comfortable for a pull-out. We packed a pack-n-play where the toddler slept, also out with the parents in the living room area. It worked very well. The cabin also has a bathroom with full tub which was very convenient.

The resort has several pools but we stuck to the one with the slide. The kids had a lot of fun splashing around with grandpa (or Peepaw as our toddler has taken to calling him). They have a small splash around playground for the toddlers where the water was much cooler. I think every outdoor pool in Florida is between eighty and ninety degrees in July and August. Patrons can swim for a really long time and never get cold (or even cool). The pool's slide is fun but short.

The Meadow Swimmin' Pool

Hanging out with Peepaw

The campground also has playgrounds scatter throughout. The toddler played there while the older kids went with the parents to the Magic Kingdom (so, no pictures). The resort also has horseback riding, archery, movies under the stars (starting pretty late in the summertime so we didn't watch any), a campfire with a sing-along (again, too hot to stay out for a campfire, if you ask me). They also have a buffet restaurant and a dinner-theater restaurant by the lake. We frequented the trading posts to get snacks and sundries.

The check in lodge, which looks like a trading post

Fort Wilderness is a great, less expensive way to stay at Disney World. We liked it so much, the kids want to come back.

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