Monday, August 1, 2016

VBS 2016: Cave Quest

Saint Louis Religious Education held a Vacation Bible School this July with the theme "Cave Quest." The decorations at the school were amazing. Many volunteers did a fabulous job making camping and caving locations all over the building.

The "base camp" at the school entrance

Batty hallway

Going down into a cave

Inside the cave from VBS Facebook album
Gym/gathering area

Each day featured an animal at the entrance, as well as a station where the children found out more about the animals.

Day #2's box turtle

Day #3's hawk

J was chillin' on the first day.

Photo from the VBS Facebook album

They ate Cave Crunch (a mixture of chocolate, cereal, pretzels, and other delicious things if the children are to be believed) on the first day and brought home little lights and geodes that they broke.

Day #1 take homes

The amazing and beautiful inside of the geode is like the amazing hope we have in Jesus, who can help us no matter what is going on in our lives.

On the second day they made Cave Snot! Worse yet they brought it home.

Cave Snot doesn't give you courage

The snot started as plain and boring powder, but mixing it up turbulently with water transformed it. Jesus does the same with our turbulent and mixed-up lives, transforming them into something amazing.

My daughter worked on an art project. The only reason I found out about it was because of the pictures on the VBS's Facebook page.

Cute and mysterious artist! From VBS Facebook album

On the third day, they looked at the Lord's prayer and how Jesus gave us a prayer to cover all our needs and wants.

My son's reflection on the Our Father

They used and brought home Direction Doodlers (looks a lot like Spirograph from when I was a kid).

Direction Doodler with directions!

My kids enjoyed making beautiful patterns and seeing how even a chaotic pattern can have order and direction.

The fourth day was water day, so they wore swimsuits. They also visited the prayer grotto and worked on a Playmais group project.

My daughter at the prayer grotto from the VBS Facebook album

My son collaborating from the VBS Facebook album

They also painted a rock.

Take home from Thursday

The "Jesus give me love" sticker glows in the dark, symbolizing how Jesus love is always there during the day and even at night.

On the last day, things got wrapped up. The take home item was a flashlight, along with their journals from the week and special tags they collected throughout the week.

Swag-mazing haul on Friday

They learned to dance to various songs throughout the week but didn't share song titles or moves at home.

Can you find my daughter in this picture? Photo from the VBS Facebook album

Much easier challenge--finding my son! From VBS Facebook album

At the end of camp, parents were invited to the closing ceremony so we did get to see the kids in action, which was fun for all.

Afterward, we went to Ledo Pizza for a fun lunch to celebrate a great week at vacation bible school. My son complained, "We always go to Ledo Pizza after VBS!" He only said that because we went last year, too, which technically makes it "always" but two times isn't too many if you ask me. We did get gift cards for Chick-fil-A but I assumed everyone would be going there so we've saved the cards for later use.

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