Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Disney Resorts and Transports

Disney World is an amazingly large place. When we drove in from the highway, it took a good twenty minutes to reach our particular resort (Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground). The entrance gates were impressive but I was driving, so no picture there. Once visitors find a parking space, lots of options are available for transport to and from the parks, resorts, and other locations.

The main form of transport seems to be boats and ferries. Day visitors park in a lot and have the option of taking a bus (boring!) or a ferry to the Magic Kingdom.

Ferry to the Magic Kingdom

View to the Magic Kingdom

The boat going the other way

Boats between the resorts are of varying sizes, depending on the resort and time of year.

A smaller boat by the Magic Kingdom docks

The boat we took from Magic Kingdom to our resort (Fort Wilderness)

Probably a personal boat rented from Disney?

Several of the resorts are also connected by the Monorail. We rode the whole loop but I got better pictures from the boats.

Polynesian Resort

View from dock by Polynesian Resort

Contemporary Resort

We did wander through the Contemporary Resort, trying out the arcade there. We almost saw Goofy visiting the resort restaurant, Chef Mickey's. They also had some impressive art on the walls.

Goofy is off on the left

One of the ubiquitous stores

Atrium art

Another wall of art

While we enjoyed riding around and visiting resorts, the best thing was visiting the Magic Kingdom.

Almost to the main entrance for the Magic Kingdom

Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom

Entering the Kingdom!

They also have buses that run from the resorts and parks, but like many mass transit systems, it's not immediately obvious which bus to take to get where you want to go. Nor is it obvious what time the buses come and go. They are definitely a more mundane and less magical way to get around Walt Disney World. We tried to avoid them.

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