Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sailfish Splash Water Park, Florida

My adventurous son and I went to Sailfish Splash Water Park in Martin County, Florida. What attracted my son's attention were the outdoor water slides. At a height of four stories, they are a bit intimidating for casual visitors. They were the first thing we tried out and the most returned to attraction of them all.

The water slides

View of the park from the water slides

The two options are the blue slide and the green slide. The blue slide is covered, slightly shorter, and completely dark for most of the ride. We recently won a GoPro camera and this ride was my first opportunity to try it out.

The green slide is longer and open to the air, providing a more exciting ride. My son re-rode this one much more than the blue slide, even though the line for the blue slide was shorter.

The park has a lazy river. Patrons can ride gently along in tubes or swim the loop, about a thousand feet long. We opted for tube riding.

View of the lazy river from the top of the slides

View of the slides from the lazy river

Being lazy

The river wasn't all lolling around, however. Occasionally water hazards helped keep people cool and wet.

My son had a personal tragedy when he slipped through the middle of his tube and sank to the watery depths.

Is that really comfortable?

What sort of parent takes a picture rather than jumping in?!?

Hamming it up for the GoPro

In the middle of the park is a splash playground whose main feature (according to my son) is a giant bucket that dumps hundreds of gallons of water on visitors. Fun!

Water playground as seen from the top of the slides

Riding the shorter slides

The infamous bucket

Side view of the bucket

We finished off the afternoon with some cheese burgers from the park. Not the best prices or quality, but a satisfying meal in the shade while we dried off.


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