Friday, September 2, 2016

Book Review: Pretty Deadly Vol. 1 by K. S. DeConnick et al.

Pretty Deadly Volume 1: The Shrike script by Kelly Sue DeConnick, art and cover by Emma Rios, colors by Jordie Bellaire, letters by Clayton Cowles

Kelly Sue DeConnick crafts a new myth set in the American Old West! A young girl in a vulture cloak and an old blind man wander from town to town as storytellers. Their main story is about the Mason Man and Beauty, who get married. Mason Man is jealous and locks Beauty in a tower. Death eventually comes to take Beauty but is enchanted with her and she has a child by him before she dies. Death raises the child as Ginny, a reaper of vengeance who may be called by anyone in need.

The girl and the blind man have a run-in with Johnny, who gives the girl something before they flee the town. Later, a woman comes after Johnny looking for a journal. He doesn't have it so she shoots him. The chase is on, though people are not necessarily who they appear to be (hint, the myth is truer than true, no surprise there).

The story takes its time setting up characters. The story slowly reveals of how everyone is related to everyone else and who has what roles in the Mason Man/Beauty story. As a mature Western it is a bit bloody in the violence and has some nudity and sex. Just because it is mythological in character does not mean it is meant for children! I found it engaging and am looking forward to more.

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