Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Summer Art Projects 2016

My daughter did a lot of art over the summer. Here is a very small sampling.

We started getting Kiwi Crates. Each delightful little box has one fun craft inside. A favorite box contained parts for a pinball machine. My daughter had fun putting it together and reconfiguring it.

The pinball machine, version 1

Ready to play

She went to a week-long arts and crafts camp. It had a space theme and lots of take home projects. Friday afternoon, family members were invited to a display of the children's art. Most parents stuck to their own child's table.

Our daughter's masterpieces

The works ranged from 2D to 3D, with paints, colored pencils, crayons, construction paper, modeling clay, and many other tools of the trade on display.

Box of space travelling art

Explaining her hand-crafted nebula (cotton balls in colored water!)

Mix and match alien book

The return of school has put a damper on the at-home artistic activity but not on our artist's spirit.

Many happy returns!

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