Thursday, September 15, 2016

Minor League Game 2016

At the end of the summer, my son and I went to see the Bowie Baysox, a farm team for the Baltimore Orioles. The stadium isn't far away (about 25 minutes). They've built a big sign where you are supposed to turn to get to the stadium.

Sign on the road

The stadium is very unassuming. Getting in was super-easy. Our tickets were scanned and we moved on to the general seating (orange section). We had to sit up high to avoid the blistering sunshine (the game started at 2 p.m.). Even so, we could easily see the action.

The stadium

View from our seats

The game had just started when we got there. The home team was holding their own. My son was hoping either to see a grand slam or to catch a foul ball. Most of the fouls were going into the third base stands; we sat overlooking first base.

Play ball!

In between innings,  the stadium hosted various competitions for the younger fans. One such game was racing bouncing horses, which looked like fun. My son was not interested in volunteering.

Horse race at the baseball game

Later, two patrons dressed up as sumo wrestlers and fought each other. It was entertaining to watch, especially when the guy in orange jumped on top of the guy in black when he was already laying flat on the field.

Sumo spectacular

We enjoyed the game, since we saw a grand slam. Still no caught foul ball for us...yet. We'll probably go next season. It's a lot cheaper and easier to get to than the major league stadium, though the food had similar prices.

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