Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Howard County Fair 2016, Part 2

More from the Howard County Fair (check yesterpost for Part 1)...

We did enjoy yummy snacks throughout the day at the Howard County Fair. My daughter's first request was cotton candy, which we bought near the entrance.

One of many snack concessions

No, you can't have any

Crafting a disguise

My wife was eager for funnel cake though my daughter was suspicious. She claimed she'd never eaten it before but we must have at some point. I know I've had plenty in the past couple of years.

Funnel cake!

A reluctant sampler

We did some things that were less fun for the kids. We visited the various animals on display and in competition.



A cute sheep

We went into the home crafts building where more competition grade stuff was on display. The kids were pretty bored so we only stayed a little while.

Home canned foods!


Flower arrangements!

Another building had booths from various companies and community organizations. The children were a bit bored here until we came upon Pope Francis!

A variety of home improvement companies looking for some sales

My daughter with the pope

All of us with the pope!

We had a fun day at the fair but hope next year for some cooler weather!

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