Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Howard County Fair 2016, Part 1

One hot and sweaty day, we decided it was a good idea to visit the Howard County Fair. To be fair about the fair, the weather was fairly hot and humid for the whole week. We had no way of avoiding heat and sweat, other than by riding cool rides. But more about that later. After two years of going to Cub Scout Day Camp, we are veterans of driving to the county fair grounds. The trip was a breeze as was getting into the fair.

Howard County Fair entrance

Right inside the entrance was a taste of classic farming life in Howard County. We came, we saw, we pumped water.

Classic farm equipment

Trying out the old water pump

Further inside the fairgrounds was a display of more modern equipment!

New farm equipment

The kids were more interested in two things--food and rides. That day was one dollar ride day. Each ticket cost $1 and each ride required one ticket so it was easy to manage things. Their first ride was the Typhoon which sent them spinning around in a lateral circle.

Strapped in

Typhoon at near maximum intensity

The next ride was too scary for my daughter, so I had to ride the Fireball with my son. We went around in a circle (again) but this time we were upside-down for a good part of the time. We loved it.

Excited for the ride

The loop!

Next he went by himself on the drop tower, which was not as harrowing as the Fireball but enough to make my daughter refrain.

Strapped in again!

Reaching new heights

Wanting a more sedate ride, we went to the Yoyo Swings where both children enjoyed a cool breeze on the hot day.


Ready to launch

Later in the day, the kids went through the Hofbrahaus, a German-themed fun house more about running through challenges than about Germany.


More challenging was the Pirate Ship, which also involved a lot of climbing. The rope bridges and the final big slide were big hits with my children.

Left half of pirate adventures

Right half of pirate adventures

Their final ride was the Himalaya, a fast-spinning coaster that just about finished them off.


We saw the fairground classics, ferris wheel and carousel, but the kids were not interested.

Standard fare at the fair

We did enjoy yummy snacks throughout the day. But more on that in the next post!

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