Monday, September 5, 2016

Summertime Athletics

My daughter went to gymnastics camp for a week. By the end she was tired, happy, and full of new skills:

We are looking into possible gym classes during the school year!

While in Florida, my eldest son and daughter tried out the neighbor's bb gun. Granny crafted a home-made target. Setting up a makeshift shooting range was as easy as pie.

Setting up the target at a good distance

My son had a some practice with the Cub Scouts so he made some fun shots from the prone position.

Taking aim

The target wasn't too far

Got a bullseye

He gave my daughter some pointers too. She was not as sure with the rifle so we moved the target closer. She was able to get a few nice hits in.

Girl with a gun!

I hope I didn't hurt you target!

My son kept on borrowing the bb gun and a few days later had almost all bullseyes.

Target from July 26

Close-up of bullseye--3 in the ring, 1 on the ring

And, of course, we did a lot of dancing...

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