Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Book Review: Fairy Tail Vol. 5 by Hiro Mashima

Fairy Tail Volume 5 by Hiro Mashima

The investigation into Galuna Island's problems heats up as the bad wizards attack the only village on the island. Fairy Tail wizards Gray and Lucy are there to save the townsfolk if not the town from an acid attack by the bad guys. Meanwhile, the other Fairy Tail wizards are investigating the weird rituals in an old temple on the island. The battles are fast and exciting, showing creativity and comedy in equal measure. To make things more complicated, Fairy Tail's Erza shows up to bring back the other wizards, since they are there under false pretenses--the job of saving the island is an S-class job and none of them are S-class yet. Since a mad wizard from Gray's past is trying to revive a horrible demon, that sure seems like a good reason to see the job through before returning to Fairy Tail for punishment. Can the uber-just Erza be persuaded?

The story moves along at a good clip and reveals more of Gray's background (who he was trained by and why he's always taking his clothes off). The story is still about identical to the TV show, though the females are a little chestier and less dressed than on television. It's not annoying enough to turn me off of reading but it is a little grating. The book does have some nice explanations of little cultural details at the end along with some fan art.

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