Friday, March 17, 2017

Maryland Science Center, Baltimore Part II

Continuation of yesterpost about the Maryland Science Center...

blue crab exhibit shows various animals and ecosystems in Maryland. Just when we thought the creepiness was over from the human body exhibit, we saw some live crabs that looked like they wanted to do us harm!

Real, live crab on display

Fake crabs to explain the difference between males and females

Still creepy-looking

Mega-crab display

The area also includes some tranquil turtles that swam lazily around their display. By this point it was after hours, so they hardly had anyone to show off for.

Turtle among shells 

The outer-space exhibit shows relative sizes of thing in the universe, including our tiny spot in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Our spot in our 'hood

Another fascinating display looks for possible location of extra-terrestrial life here in our own solar system!

Possible spots for life if not intelligence

The area has some interactive exhibits too, like lining up the planets in order of proximity to the sun and in order of size.

Distant worlds

Smallest to largest is a bit harder

Power Up is an area that explains and explores the world of electricity.

Providing power for the city

One display has visitors managing power resources throughout a simulated day. Different resources like coal, nuclear, solar, and hydroelectric need to be spun up and down so power production isn't wasted but also meets the needs of the changing demands throughout the day.

Adjusting capacity to meet demand

Using different types of power

Another display shows how power lines and the grid are all connected so that electricity can go from a power plant to a home.

Connecting power lines

A happy ending for three homes!

Other exhibits let visitors power simple objects through muscle power.

How much power does each type of bulb need?

Lighting the lowest

Magnet generator

We didn't get to see all the exhibits. Some were closed for lack of staff or were in a different part of the museum. We'll have to go back to see the dinosaurs and the workshop/laboratory.

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