Monday, March 27, 2017

Marble Bread

After making Babka using the old bread maker, my wife wanted to try a chocolate swirl bread in the new bread maker. We wanted the bread maker to do most of the swirling for us, which meant preparing the dough by hand, otherwise the loaf would be completely mixed and not swirled..

The regular dough was easy enough to make. My daughter is something of an expert (through repeated practice) at making dough just the right size.

Sizing tools--rolling pin, dough cutter, ruler

In addition to the traditional baking tools, we crafted a special roller...

A new tool that we crafted

Rolling out the chocolate dough was easy enough.

Happy to get the next layer ready

A good fit

The new bread machine has two mixing blades so she made two separate dough swirls.

Checking that the second dough was as long as the first

Getting ready to roll

Rolling two levels together

Top level almost done

To give the loaf a little variety, one set of dual dough was rolled regular side out, the other chocolate side out.

One is not like another! 

Comparing two sets of dough

The loaf came out beautifully.


The true test of any bread is in the eating. We had a demanding critic on hand to make an assessment. He was very pleased.

Trying some yummy bread

Even willing to share!

Checking on customer satisfaction

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