Thursday, March 9, 2017

Mary's Land Farm, Ellicott City, Maryland

When we visited, Mary's Land Farm might as well have been Mary's Lamb Farm because the young sheep were new and cute. The lambs were the main attraction that drew our visit. The kids had a fun time petting and seeing the baby sheep.

My daughter sees a lamb

The toddler cautiously goes for a touch

"He isn't going to bite me, is he?"

Very cute

Plenty of sheep live at the farm.

Sheep in the house

Is this a barn?

The farm also has cows and horses, so it is definitely a proper farm.

Hey, where are the cute calves?

Petting a horse

We did buy some duck eggs (not much flavorful difference from chicken eggs according to us) and a bit of beef. Both were yummy and consumed too quickly for photography. We may shop again at the farm!

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