Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Big Snow, March 2017

In a last ditch effort to remind people he still exists, Old Man Winter sent a big snow storm our way (we live between Baltimore and DC on the 1-95 corridor) yesterday as I post. We didn't get the worst of the storm, but there was enough white stuff to shut down schools and offices. And our early spring.

Uh, whoops!

The snow was accompanied by ice and sleet, leaving some extra strong locks in our back yard.

Shed and house

Icicles that the kids used as darts

Frozen-shut key box

Frozen-shut hook and eye on the garden gate

The children were naturally unstoppable when it came to playing outside. My daughter started working on a snow fort but soon joined in snow ball fights and sledding.

Listening for where the action is

Close up

Shocked at the ice on the shed (definitely not eating snow)

(Okay, maybe)

Our yard has a small slope. Unfortunately the camera's battery died when I tried to make a video and I didn't bother going inside to recharge it. I'd rather play with the kids, of course. So all I have is one picture from all the fun.

One sledding picture

One confused bird wanted shelter in our garage. We don't have any food in there, so I don't know what he or she wanted other than a warmer and drier place to hang out.

"No people around, maybe I can sneak in?"

Almost scared away

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