Thursday, August 10, 2017

Camp Oest 2017 Part II

A continuation from yesterpost...

The last bit of technology at the STEM demonstration was various explosive substances. The STEM guy combined several of those Fourth of July drop-and-pop fireworks into one big, loud explosion.

A picture doesn't do it justice

He also burned some magnesium and other substances that made bright and big fires.


After dinner, we participated in a staff hunt. The scouts tried to find various staff members who were hidden throughout the campgrounds. After a lot of hard searching (and several instances of a scout just in front of us snagging someone) we finally found a staff member who was coming back at the end of the hunt. We scored some points for our team.

After that each camp site held a campfire. The Den Chiefs built the fire and prepped some skits and jokes with the boys. The parents were very entertained. We then made smores and had a good night's sleep.

Prepping the campsite campfire

Getting skits ready

Remains of the campfire the next day

The next morning was open activities. My son wanted to go back to Shooting Sports where we earned the Master Marksman award by learning about the various parts of bows and pellet rifles and sling shots. We also had the opportunity to put our new knowledge to good use.

Archery range

Sling shot range

A special bonus for the Webelos was the Action Shoot, a special range with fun targets. My son like this a lot.

Action shoot--for Webelos only!

Playing cards, cans, and other items

The aiming station

The shooting range was at the bottom of Manor Hill, so named for a house that once stood there. Remains are still visible.

Rock wall from the manor on Manor Hill

A home foundation

We went back up the hill to the pool where they had a diving competition. After the pool instructors taught us a variety of dives, a judging panel was set up and the competition commenced. Two categories were judged--boys and parents. Alas, neither my son nor I won. Swimming on a hot morning was totally worth it.

In the afternoon, we did some more shooting sports and hung out at Scout Craft, where we saw some leather working demonstrations and tried out the dutch oven desserts they had started in the morning. The peach cobbler was yummy but nothing compared to the lava cake. The lava cake was done second and was so fresh that it was still bubbling in the styrofoam cup!

We headed back up the hill for dinner and a pool party. After the swimming, we returned to the dining pavilion for a song and dance fest. Several hit songs from many decades (from the Beatles to   present day tunes) were played and many high energy dances were danced. The big finale was dancing to the song "Y.M.C.A." but singing "O.E.S.T." in its place.

Dancing on the tables

My son in the Minecraft t-shirt and swim trunks

The next day was our final one at camp. Each morning my son and I got up around 6 a.m. The rise and shine announcement wasn't till 7 and breakfast not till 8, so we'd go down to the dining hall for some juice and a cup of tea. Then we'd have our morning gaga ball challenge. I did better than I should have. Of course, each day the boys would play gaga ball after lunch and before/after dinner. Many epic games were played, sometimes with staff and with parents. I became known as Whitebeard or Greybeard, depending on how the kids saw me. Another dad was Blackbeard. We had a lot of fun.

Gaga ball pit, a permanent addition to the campground

The final day's activities were focused on fun. We went to the tic-tac-toe challenge at the archery range. My son beat me but only because I kept hitting the same square over and over again.

Archery Tic-Tac-Toe

My yellow arrows were no match for his black

We went down to the pier where canoeing and fishing were the main activities. My son and I canoed for a bit on the quiet creek. We discovered how difficult communicating on a boat is. I would tell him to paddle backward if it looked like we'd get in a jam, which meant I wanted him to push his oar in the water toward the front of the boat. The miscommunication was eventually sorted out.

He was in front

Which way did you want me to go again?!?

By that point we were both very tired. Three nights of tent sleeping will do that too you, along with three days of lots of fun activities. So we decided to forgo lunch at camp and the closing ceremonies and head home a few hours early. We had a great time and look forward to next year.

Goodbye, campground!

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