Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Swim Meet 5, Novice Meet, and Swim Banquet, 2017

Swim meet number five was at a yard pool (Roland Run), so everything was measured in yards instead of meters! Timing was bound to be off. Since our kids aren't competitive swimmers, that was okay for them.

Warming up at the pool

Roland Run has a fabulous kids' pool which didn't open till the middle of the morning. They also have a separate pool from the racing pool that was opened to everyone so we all could cool off in the very hot and very humid weather. My family took advantage which meant fewer pictures since my camera isn't waterproof.

Kids' pool before opening

My daughter swam the 25 yard freestyle in 40.19 seconds, not a new record for her (unless we start tracking yard records). She disqualified on the 25 yard backstroke. She was put in a mixed 100 yard freestyle ("mixed" meaning two boys and two girls) and the team finished in 2:23.13.

Finishing the freestyle

My son had a slow day with the 50 yard freestyle--58.12 seconds. He completed the 25 yard backstroke in 29.33 seconds. The 200 yard freestyle relay finished in 3 minutes 29.54 seconds for his team.

Freestyle dive

About to turn for the second 25 yards

Both children received placement ribbons for their team efforts.


Two days later was the Novice Meet, for those who did not qualify for the Divisional Meet. It was held at the largest pool in our division, Wynnewood, which made sense since many people were coming from the many teams in our division.

My son made 1:04.63 seconds for the 50 meter freestyle. His 25 meter backstroke was a fine performance, finishing in 31.58 seconds to improve on his previous personal best, 34.89 seconds.

About to go


Finishing his 50 meters

Getting ready to backstroke

My daughter finished very close to her record time (43.34 secs) in the 25 meter freestyle with 43.76 seconds. Her 25 meter backstroke was also slower with 55.36 seconds versus her personal best of 51.40 seconds.

Launching into the freestyle

Launching into backstroke


The meet was canceled two-thirds of the way through due to lightning. My children missed their breaststroke events. Maybe next year?

The next day was our swim team's banquet where all the kids received awards in the form of drink bottles. The organizers said they have a shed full of unreceived trophies and wanted to give something that people could use. The kids also have water bottles from Vacation Bible School and from their elementary school, so we have plenty at home!

My son getting a high-five from the coach

My son's age group

My daughter getting a high-five from the coach

Getting the bottle

My daughter's age group

Special awards were given to some of the children. My son got the "Hardest Worker" award for his age group. He is a very hard worker and we were very proud of him for all he's done this summer.

Special awards in the 9-10 age level

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