Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Swim Meets 3 and 4, 2017

Our children's third swim meet had a 1980s theme. My daughter dressed up but only got a picture at home.

Dressed up with somewhere to go

The meet was at another pool (Wynnewood), famous for its concession stand. They serve pit barbecue meats which were indeed delicious. But we really went for the swimming.

My daughter was able to improve her 25 meter freestyle from 46.72 seconds to 43.34 seconds!

On the block

Flying through the air

Her 25 meter backstroke was slower, 56.32 seconds this time, while her personal record is 51.40. She disqualified in the breaststroke (which apparently is a common occurrence).

Backstroke launch

Stroking the back way!

Breast stroke

My son was a little slower with the 50 meter freestyle, coming in at 58.84 seconds. His personal record at the time was 56.46. His 25 meter backstroke had a big improvement from previous record of 37.80 seconds to a new record of 34.89 and 6th place in this competition.

Backstroke launch

Stroking backwards

He also competed in a 200 meter freestyle relay with three other boys. They had a total time of 4:19.81.

On the block


The next boy starts his run as my son tags up

The facility was quite spacious. It had volleyball, cornhole, basketball, multiple covered pavilions with grills, etc. Our children gravitated toward the swing set.

Pushing little brother on the swing

A happy toddler

Ribbons from the meet

The fourth regular meet was at home against the Crofton Cats. The theme was Luau which had our coach in a grass skirt!

Coach about to lead the team in to the pool

Assistant coach leading a team cheer

Kids splashing at the end of a cheer

My daughter had a rough time with the 25 meter freestyle, finishing in 54.09 seconds. The backstroke at 52.25 seconds was much closer to her personal best.

On the starting block

Nothing but splash

Doing the backstroke

My son was just about a second off on his 50 meter freestyle at 57.71; he beat his personal best (34.89 seconds) in the backstroke with a 33.90 second finish.

Standing on the block

Hitting the water

Turning at the wall

Breathing on the way back

End of the backstroke

We had one more meet to go before the final week of lessons and the end of season competitions.

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