Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cub Scout Day Camp 2017

My son went to the week-long day camp for our Cub Scout district at the county fairgrounds. He had a good time as usual, with a fun increase in skills. Bug hunters was the theme which was woven into a lot of the activities.

The official photo

His BB gun work is fantastic, all the more amazing with almost no practice from year to year.

Target with six bulls-eyes!

Back of the target to show grouping

Target from the second shoot

He did plenty of other fun activities. He built a small wooden box and a fidget spinner.

A bit of crafting

Fidget spinner!

The bug theme infested the crafts with a bit of carving and sanding on a ladybug and a mysterious bee.

Carved bug

Drawn bug

The gizmo on the back of the drawn bug

The geode/mining experience was at camp again. This time, my son had a substantial number of rocks, some quite hefty. I don't know if they give the Webelos more items or he just happened to get a good bucket of dirt to sift through. He was happy.

A load of rocks

We heard minimal reports about other activities. Gaga ball was fun as was water sports. His den made an egg crate for the egg drop. The fire department brings a hundred foot ladder and drops a bunch of  scout-designed devices designed to keep the egg from breaking on landing. My son's den designed a contraption that did in fact keep the egg from breaking.

It was a fun camp and we look forward to next year's camp with a pirate theme!

Camp patch

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