Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Robinson Nature Center Play Area

The Robinson Nature Center in Columbia, Maryland, has added a play area for the younger visitors. My toddler enjoyed playing after we dropped off the older kids for a nature adventure camp (no pictures from that, so no post--sorry!).

Nature Place at Robinson Nature Center

 Our first stop was at the board games, featuring outdoors checkers and tic-tac-toe.

Trying to make some checkers magic happen

A musical area features a large xylophone. We couldn't find a mallet and had to improvise with a stick (which may be what visitors are meant to do). 

Playing music

Further in, we discovered a play-cooking area that is perfect for mud pies and stick stews. The weaving loom at the back was tempting, but not nearly as tempting as the hammock chairs.

Cooking up something good

Hanging out

Trying another hammock

A nearby log was hollowed out and ready for climbing through, though not completely ready. Once my boy made it to the other end, he discovered a spider web the hard way. Happily, he didn't freak out.

Looks like a fun trip

About to hit the wall, almost literally

Another area has a huge pile of blocks for building whatever a young imagination can think up. He had fun making stacks and knocking them over again.


On our way back to the car, we visited the wood beehive sculpture. My toddler loves climbing inside, which he isn't supposed to do. We managed to sit and enjoy a break from the sun before we headed back home.

Enjoying the shade

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