Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cute Kid Pix July 2017

More stuff that didn't make its own post...

Crafts at the library continue to be lots of fun. My toddler made a fruit bowl just after the Fourth of July. His sister made one too!

Gluing the orange

Adding grapes one at a time

Finished products

The next week he got to make his own train.

Gluing the train together

Coloring the train

Happy with his train

My daughter went to a Harry Potter camp. She enjoyed it very much, making some of the basics for a wizarding life. Each day started with trivia and included the participants joining houses (they had to rotate houses during the week). They also played Quidditch twice.

Her wand

Her hat

Her spell book

She also had the chance to be a counterfeiter, making wizarding money and a little Gringotts vault to keep it in. Does making a fake bank count as counterfeiting?

Gringotts stash

The toddler helped out with baking brownies. The recipe was "follow the directions on the box," so no detailed process or One Ingredient Challenge here. But he does look dashing in a hat and apron!

Quietly mixing

Silly face!

We went to the Baltimore Artscape, a huge art festival that covered a wide variety of arts. We saw some random bugs as we wandered around.

What is a narb?

The NASA camp was cool (though the art connection is slim), especially since they gave out eclipse glasses.

My son at NASA Camp

The big draw for us was the Gamescape pavilion on the University of Baltimore campus. The university offers a degree in Simulation and Game Design and students were showing off their projects. My daughter played one game and chatted with the designer who talked about her work and had a lot of enthusiasm. The kids eventually gravitated to a popular Nintendo game.

The way to Gamescape

Three players enjoying themselves

View from the other side

The console

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