Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Cute Kid Pix August 2017

As usual, the library had a fun story time and craft. "Dog" was the word of the week and the craft was putting spots on the dog from Dog's Colorful Day.

Gluing spots onto the dog

A happy artist

Another happy artist

Later, the library had a Curious George story time featuring an even easier craft!

Gluing George to a stick

Done in record time!

We saw the eclipse on the 21st, which was fun if not very photographable.

Wrong way to view eclipse

Right way to view eclipse

Camera plus eclipse glasses equals unimpressive picture

Camera minus eclipse glasses also equals unimpressive picture

At the end of the month, the library had a carnival that was fun but low-key. The kids played a couple of different games and we got to the cake walk too late to participate.

Garden set up for carnival

Playing on a giant checkers set

Bounce the ball into the cup!

Better by yourself?

Ring toss

Knocking down cans

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